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About us

Get to know us

70 years of experience in the production of handmade bricks

Four generations of experience in creating excellent quality face – facade bricks is the basis of Wenzel’s flourishing again, becoming the largest producer of Kraśnicka Hand-Molded Brick.

We are currently working to increase production efficiency while maintaining the high quality of the product. Investment in production infrastructure will also allow us to react quickly in response to changes in the market.

The location of the brick factory favors its development – only in the Kraśnik area are the lands so rich in loess resources, which we take full advantage of in the production of our products. Back in the 1970s, about 75 ceramic factories were present in the area – today only a few remain, including our brick factory Wenzel, which, thanks to the knowledge and experience of the owners and employees, still produces bricks using the traditional method.

Wenzelbricks niche and natural bricks

The artisanal, handmade production of our bricks determines the niche of the product on the market, thus giving it the name of a noble and unique “brick with soul.” Its unique shape is created in the process of manual molding.

The bricks have delicate grooves on each face resulting from the arrangement of clay in the mold, which gives it the natural and unique character of a natural brick.

The colors of handmade molded bricks are unique and timeless. The bricks acquire noble hues from the firing of natural minerals, so they produce the pleasant “warmth” of real ceramics.

Careful workmanship and originality

It is used to say in our country that no two bricks are identical – each is unique. Such production based on high care and thoroughness attracts a growing number of conscious and demanding consumers from our country and Europe, who appreciate its originality and natural beauty.

Handmade brick means high quality and attention to the smallest detail. Here, each surface of our brick is refined, which makes it possible to build it from each side of the bed, header and stretcher- unlike machine-made bricks, in which one side is damaged due to the movement of the brick along the production belt.

Handmade bricks for exceptional facades and monuments

Bricks from our brickyard are used for erecting facades, fences, interior decoration and styling, and garden design. In addition, our bricks and tiles have been used for years in residential, public and sacred construction, and are also used for the restoration of monuments from the Gothic, Renaissance and later eras.

The fact that our bricks are handmade and a wide selection of shapes allow us to customize the dimensions of the bricks to match the elements already incorporated in a building, which makes it possible to recreate even more accurately the historic walls and the atmosphere of the old days.