Full Brick Construction


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Dimensions of full building brick: 25/120/65 mm
Hardness class: 15 MPa
Frost resistance: 20 cycles
Quantity on a pallet – 320 pcs
Pallet weight – 1000 kg

Solid building brick has been used in construction for centuries. Full ceramic brick is intended for the construction of walls, chimneys or columns. It is also ideal for the construction of fences or small architecture objects. Full ceramic brick is also a popular material for finishing walls in the kitchen or bathroom.
However, it is then recommended to use additional materials that impregnate the brick, which limit the penetration of moisture and fats in the rooms.

Solid construction brick is durable, frost-resistant and has low water absorption. Building brick is resistant to weather conditions,
therefore it is successfully used both inside and outside buildings. It is a material that has been used for centuries due to its resistance to damage and high strength.

Full construction brick is machine-produced. It is available at Wenzelbricks at an attractive price.