Old Polish brick slips – Wenzelbricks

Old Polish brick slips

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Dimensions: 250/20/65mm
Compressive strength class: 10 N/mm2
Frost resistance: Full
Quantity per 1 m2: 52 pcs
Quantity on a pallet: 20m2


Staropolska brick tile, hand-formed, is made of the highest quality loess clay. Due to its manual formation, it has an original texture and shape – unheard of in the case of machine-produced tiles. The Staropolska brick tile is distinguished by a juicy red color,
which was obtained from selected raw materials and traditional method of firing. This tile is very popular due to its intense color.

The brick tile is frost-resistant and waterproof. Designed for use in dry interiors – living room or room, as well as those with increased humidity –
in the kitchen and bathroom. The brick tile is also ideal for external facades of buildings and fences. By using hand-formed tiles, you gain interiors with a unique finish – no two tiles are the same, unlike those from machine production.
The Wenzelbricks brick tile will be perfect for loft or industrial style interiors, but also those inspired by the Provence and idyllic atmosphere.

It is recommended to lay brick tiles on the wall using a special mortar intended for this purpose. When laying tiles in rooms with high humidity, protect them with impregnants available in our offer. In addition, the joints should be supplemented with grout, which will eliminate the moisture of the material.