Gothic brick


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The handmade solid bricks we offer are maintained in the Gothic style. Due to the hand-forming of bricks, they find their application in the reconstruction and restoration of brick walls of townhouses, mansions or old factories. Gothic brick is ideal as a material for the restoration of any brick monuments. The traditional way of making solid brick and a wide selection of shaped bricks in our manufactory is a guarantee of uniqueness and originality. Handmade solid brick is an ecological product, created from loess clay from the Kraśnik area.

Gothic brick will successfully find its use as a building element of walls, material for the facade and as an interior finish of your home. Brick can also be successfully used as a material for fences or to build a brick barbecue.

Cekobud Manufactory’s handmade bricks are distinguished by their durability due to the selection of raw materials from which they are made. In addition, the bricks are frost resistant, have low water absorption and are resistant to deterioration. By choosing solid handmade bricks, you will create a remarkable atmosphere for both your interiors and facades. Handmade brick is unique and inimitable. This is because no two handmade bricks are the same.