Basic clay plaster


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Plaster available in two options:
-classic clay plaster
-clay plaster with straw chaff (when ordering by e-mail)

Application: for interiors as a base or finish for walls and ceilings. The plaster can be applied in layers by hand or machine application.
Composition: loess clay, quartz aggregate, granulation 0-5 mm
Packaging and efficiency: 1 ton big-bag (about 600 l of plaster mortar – 60 m2 with a thickness of 10 mm) maximum plaster thickness 30 mm
Preparation: dry plaster should be mixed with water in the appropriate proportion to form the proper working mass. The substrate must be sound, dry, absorbent, stable and free of contamination.

The plaster should be stored in a dry place, then it remains useful for use for a very long time.

BAG 1000 kg

Coarse clay plaster specification
The proposed coarse-grained plaster is a special, ready-to-use clay mixture. Depending on the method of use, it can be used to give the interior a different character. The composition of the product includes loess clay and quartz aggregate with optimal granulation.
Thanks to well-chosen proportions, coarse-grained clay plaster remains a full-fledged support during finishing works. It can be used both in development investments and in older buildings from the secondary market. It will work well not only in brick buildings, but also in wooden buildings, acting as a base for finishing plasters. The material remains fully hypoallergenic.

Appropriate use
Coarse-grained clay plaster can be applied from one to several layers manually or by machine. It is mainly used indoors. Assuming a thickness of 10 mm, a ton is enough for approx. 60 m2 of surface. Dry plaster must be mixed with water.
Before application, the substrate should be properly prepared so that it is e.g. load-bearing, dry and clean. To keep it usable for a long time, store it only in a dry place.

When renovating the walls and ceiling, plaster is necessary, which is a kind of base for working on this type of surface. Our offer includes coarse-grained clay plaster of proven quality and efficiency.

A big-bag weighing one ton gives about 600 liters of plaster mortar, which should be enough for even 60 m2 of surface.
The final result, of course, depends on the thickness of the applied plaster. The product is suitable for for building walls made of hand-formed bricks, also available in our catalogues.