Structural clay plaster – White – Wenzelbricks

Structural clay plaster – White


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Grain size: 0-3mm
Packing: bags of 25 kg
Number of bags on a pallet: 48

Consumption (25 kg):
4.7m2 at 3mm
2.86m2 at 5mm
1.4m2 at 10mm

White structural clay plaster is definitely one of the most interesting plasters in our offer. In terms of the variety of effects that can be achieved with its use, it has no equal.

Whether it’s perfectly smooth and even surfaces or textured, rustic ones, there’s no problem.

Just take a look at the photos of projects using white structural plaster.

It is a highly versatile plaster that allows for applying a layer ranging from 3 to even 20 mm at once. The plaster is easy to apply, work with, and maintain (repairing any potential damage is simple and invisible).

Grain size: 0-3 mm

Packaging: 25 kg bags

Number of bags per pallet: 48

Consumption (25 kg):

4.7 m2 at 3 mm thickness

2.86 m2 at 5 mm thickness

1.4 m2 at 10 mm thickness