Dynasil ST


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Dynasil ST is an impregnating preparation dedicated to the protection of hand-formed bricks and natural stone. It guarantees the effect of enhancing the color on the protected surface.

The modern Dynasil ST preparation is an agent with oleophobic and hydrophobic properties.
Ready to use immediately, it works well in protecting hand-formed bricks with high water absorption.

The substrate protected with Dynasil ST shows resistance to grease penetration and the development of microorganisms. By improving the hydrophobic properties of the surface, it does not clog pores and capillaries in a given material.
Therefore, it does not affect the natural properties of ceramics and stone. The substrate protected with Dynasil ST is resistant to alcohols, acidic liquids and solvents.

5 litre – 57 eur

30 litre – 320