Dynasil Klinkier


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Dynasil Klinker is a high-quality preparation with a modern composition intended for impregnation of bricks, clinker and ceramic roof tiles.

The Dynasil Klinker impregnation preparation does not require additional work – it is a ready-to-use product. Has hydrophobic properties,
which fully protects ceramic and clinker surfaces against water penetration.

Dynasil Klinker, in addition to protecting the surface against water penetration, additionally eliminates the formation of dirt, improves thermal insulation, increases frost resistance,
and also significantly reduces the risk of lime efflorescence often found on brick facades. The impregnation creates a protective layer on ceramic products as a result of permanent chemical bonding of the substances present in it with the protected substrate.
The use of Dynasil Klinker impregnation protects ceramic products against the harmful effects of weather conditions, and thus improves their physical and aesthetic properties. In addition, despite effective protection, the agent does not clog pores, which allows water vapor to freely penetrate.
Dynasil Klinker impregnation is intended for use both inside and outside the building.