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Dynasil WET


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Dynasil WET impregnation is a protective agent that provides the effect of a wet surface on stone, concrete and ceramics. The impregnation based on modern technology allows to reduce the absorption of a given substrate, as well as eliminates the penetration of fats into the surface.
Dynasil WET impregnation has a wide spectrum of action, protecting ceramic, stone and concrete surfaces against weather conditions – sun, rain and frost. The use of Dynasil WET impregnation also reduces the development of microorganisms and the appearance of corrosion and dirt.

Dynasil WET does not form a film on the substrate,
while fully securing it. The use of the impregnation does not cause gloss on the substrate. The color intensity depends on the type of protected surface. It is recommended to perform a test before application to assess the effect of the applied impregnation.