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Dynasil ST-Bruk


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The Dynasil ST-Bruk protective agent is a modern impregnating agent designed to protect paving stones against excessive amounts of water and grease. Cobblestones are exposed to weather conditions on a daily basis, as well as dirt caused by oil or liquid leaks from cars. Dynasil ST-
Cobblestone protects the surface of paving and concrete blocks, while enhancing the color of the impregnated substrate.

Dynasil ST-Bruk is a ready-to-use substance, without additional work. It has hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. The protected substrate is resistant to dirt and weather conditions –
sun, rain, hail or frost and the development of microorganisms. High-quality substances contained in Dynasil ST-Bruk make the substrate chemically resistant to acidic liquids, solvents and alcohols.

Dynasil ST-Bruk does not clog pores and capillaries, which does not change the natural properties of the protected substrate.