Fine-grained clay plaster


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Application: for interiors as a base or finish for walls and ceilings. The plaster can be applied in layers by hand or machine application as a smooth finishing layer.
Composition: loess clay, quartz aggregate, granulation 0-0.6 mm
Packaging and efficiency: 1 ton big-bag (about 200 l of plaster mortar – 200 m2 with a thickness of 3 mm) maximum plaster thickness 3 mm
Preparation: dry plaster should be mixed with water in the appropriate proportion to form the proper working mass. The substrate must be sound, dry, absorbent, stable and free of contamination.

The plaster should be stored in a dry place,
then it remains usable for a very long time.


Get to know the specification of fine-grained clay plaster
Fine-grained clay plaster has a maximum grain size of 0.6 mm, it facilitates work on walls or ceilings. Despite the fine granulation, the manufacturer managed to maintain high performance parameters.
With proper application, a ton of material is enough for even 200 m2 of surface. Fine-grained plaster can be used indoors. It is enough to mix the material in the right proportions with water. It can be easily applied by hand as well as by machine as a smooth finishing layer. It is important, however,
to properly prepare the substrate in advance. First of all, it must be clean, dry and stable.

Why is it worth choosing fine-grained clay plaster?
Useful properties are an important, but still one of the many advantages offered by fine-grained plaster.
Its supporters also point to the low price of the material compared to other methods used in construction. Moreover, the product remains simple to use. No need for a box of specialized tools. Even people with less experience can handle the preparation and application.
In addition, fine-grained clay plaster remains neutral to the body, and therefore completely safe. You can find more such effective products in our catalogues.

More and more often in the construction industry we meet “eco” trends. This is one of the reasons why fine-grained clay plaster is constantly gaining popularity, but there are many more arguments for purchasing the material. The product, like clay, remains antistatic and antifungal. It copes well with various weather conditions,
because, among others regulates moisture. In addition, it accumulates heat in the colder period and maintains lower temperatures in the summer.