Belmont Brick


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Application: Building facades, fences, construction walls, partition walls, pillars, garden architecture, floors, interior design elements.
Dimensions: 250/120/65 mm
Compressive strength class: 20 N/mm2
Frost resistance: Full- 100 cycles (highest according to PN-EN 772-22:2019-01).
Quantity per 1m2: 52 pcs
Quantity per pallet: 350 pcs.
Available as a facade tile: YES

We present to you a fantastic brick Belmont. The model in our offer is maintained in the color scheme of dark, deep red with a beautiful shade mixed with light elements. The selected faces are distinguished by natural burns of intriguing form, providing a classic and original look of the material. The high quality of the bricks is certainly due to the hand-moulding that ensures the best level of adaptation for use in construction. Equally important is the high firing temperature that translates into great hardness of the brick and guarantees its wide use. Thanks to the handmade, each element is different and gives the whole an interesting character and unique atmosphere.


Where can Melange brick be used?

Due to its unique properties, in particular its high level of hardness, Melange brick can be used in the construction of a wide variety of elements. It is used to create building facades, fences, pillars, floors and structural and partition walls. With equal effectiveness, its properties are used to create unique elements of interior design and garden architecture. The quality of Melange hand-formed brick also consists of the unique property of frost resistance and high compressive strength class. The safe use of the material consists of meeting all the necessary standards and guidelines that prove the highest quality of the product. Strength, durability and resistance are definitely the advantages of the presented material.