Rush brick


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Application: Building facades, Fences, construction walls, partition walls, pillars, garden architecture, floors, interior design elements.
Dimensions: 240/115/65 mm
Compressive strength class: 40 N/mm2
Frost resistance: Ful l- 100 cycles (highest according to PN-EN 772-22:2019-01).
Quantity per 1m2: 52 pcs
Quantity per pallet: 350 pcs.
Available as a facade tile: YES

Handmade guarantees perfectly well-thought actions and a huge amount of work that translates into excellent results. Rush brick was created by hand moulding, ensuring the highest parameters of strength and usability of the model. Rush has a color version maintained in shades of red. The rich cherry hue is enriched with grays. Due to its handmade nature,  Rush is distinguished by its non-standard appearance and shape, ensuring that each brick is unique. The overall character is added by slagging on selected bricks, providing distinctiveness and uniqueness to the composition.

The brick may have slagging of the face, larger deviations in dimensions and minor temperature cracks on individual bricks. These features do not affect the properties and parameters of the brick.